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Experience cutting-edge technology in tv weather graphics presentation systems used by the world’s leading broadcasters such as the BBC, TVB, TG4, Phoenix TV, Nelonen, Channel 7, Nine Network, and TVNZ.

MetraWeather’s Weatherscape XT is a full turnkey solution. It fuses meteorological science with the latest advances in computer graphics technology. Weatherscape XT’s creative tools provide you with the flexibility to build unique, captivating weather shows that accurately and clearly communicate the weather story to your viewer.

Features Include

  • Automated management of weather data and shows – ensuring you always have the very latest weather data ready at any time
  • Extremely powerful graphics authoring capabilities – enabling you to create stunning weather visuals that will hold and retain audience attention
  • Single turnkey solution for graphics system and meteorological data. MetraWeather will manage your entire show development and implementation requirements, ensuring you have fast and reliable access to all types of high quality weather data.
  • MetraWeather can integrate data from your own provider, or provide access to its own global database
  • Automated management of data and show assets across multiple broadcast centres – ensuring all systems have the same weather data, even if edited locally

Available in Weatherscape XT Version 3

  • Photo-realistic graphics - enhanced wind, rain and cloud effects
  • Enhanced graphics management tools that make it easier to create special effects
  • Drive graphics effects directly from weather data – for example, automatically link wave heights directly to changing wave height data
  • Improved cyclone tracker – automatically display cyclone tracks or forecast positions for anywhere in the world – including uncertainty plots
  • Scene pre-rendering – pre-render complex scenes that may not achieve frame rates, ensuring your shows are not constrained by hardware limitations. Quicktime rendering capabilities now included.
  • Enhanced network administration facility – Monitor all aspects of system performance

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